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IsisIris™ - A Fellowship of Pagans, Witches, Wizards & Wiccans for Magick, Witchcraft & Spell Casting

IsisIris™ is a FREE global Pagan Fellowship which is open to all true Pagans and sincere Seekers. However, some of our chats are confidential, and the majority of the rest are private -- members only -- requiring login.

IsisIris Pagan Fellowship fosters Oneness, Unity, Love, Support & Growth amongst Pagans, Witches, Wizards, Wiccans & Sincere New-Agers or Seekers. We all come to bless & be blessed, to learn & spiritually grow together in Paganism, Magick, Witchcraft & Spell-Casting through honest pagan Discussions, Chats, Articles, Journals, Listings, Postings, Blogs, etc.

IsisIris is built in response to Dr. Isis Day's call for pagan unity in her book: 'Witches Unite!'

Here, at IsisIris, we lay aside our torturous fears, we drop our stressful and irksome inhibitions, we come out of that age-old stinking closet, we exercise our freedom from persecution, our fraustrations take a break, and we soar joyfully into the limitless sky of Magick as if to touch the Holy Moon with the tip of our Soul.

Here, at IsisIris, 'I Am A Pagan' and 'I Am A Witch' without looking over my shoulders; I am at peace, I am at home, I am with the likes of me, and I am happy; no judging, no condemning, no sneering, no loathing, no ugly remarks, no cruel jokes, no guilt-trips, no finger-pointing, nobody giving you the look, no antagonistic attitude, no frowns, no malice, and no witch-hunts.

Get on board now and join in the discussions, tell some stories, ask some questions, give some answers, explain or add to something, teach us something, be part of something, share some tips and pointers, uplift the downtrodden, put a smile on someone's face, help us keep on keeping on along the Path, light a candle and keep the fire of Magick burning, and let the light of Magick shine more and more into our lives, forever!

In the words of Dr. Isis Day, "Magic Is Here; Blessed be!"

-- Namaste!
-- Kimmie Luxley.