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Does The Full Moon Really Make People Act Crazy?:

doan l
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Whenever people act erratic I hear things like "it's a full-moon that's why." What has the full moon got to do with people acting crazy?... listed via Spell Casting Discussions Listings Postings & Blogs on IsisIris: Discussions, Blogs, etc.

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marian p
I was also wandering about that the other day. I'll be glad to know why too.

annabelle w
I think that when the moon is full, its energy is also at its peak and, as subtle as it might be, it has effects on everything around it, and since we're the nearest neighbor, we all get a piece of its influence on our weather, our behavior, etc. For some of us, that level of energy reflects in their erratic behavior. But I'll also like to know what others have to say about this.